Advantages of using ZonderTime
Easy Monitoring of Employees

ZonderTime allows you to easily track the attendance of employees on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It enables you to know who are in and out of the office, and it could help you derive information on the productivity of all employees in each department. Also, with the Monthly User Data and Detailed User Data, you get to have a comprehensive attendance report of all employees right at your fingertips.

monitoring employees
Transparency and Better Implementation of Work Rules

ZonderTime provides accurate information regarding the time of arrival and departure of employees. It shows how much time they spend on work, away from work, or on break. It gives you an idea about their activities for every work day. From here, you can have a general picture of their compliance to work rules, especially those pertaining to attendance. This way, you can implement measures geared towards the maintenance or improvement of workflow and observance of rules in the office.

transparent employees
Efficiency and Accuracy

ZonderTime is spelled with efficiency and accuracy. Because all necessary details can be easily obtained from the system, the process of entering and checking data is simplified. Gone are the days when you have to check with or approve a pile of timecards, or deal with missing or tampered timecards. And because you can be sure that the work time indicated for every employee is accurate, you minimize the risk of miscalculating salaries or making overpayments.