ZonderTime Privacy Policy

ZonderTime is committed to our members protection and privacy. The latter exhibits how we gather information and disseminates our practices.

This Privacy Policy discusses the two types of information that ZonderTime handles: personal data provided by members gaining access to our publicfacing sales and marketing website "Marketing Control" and personal information given to ZonderTime through the use of our systems by the users "Application Control".


Marketing Control: Our website's sign up process requires you to give us personal and contact information (such as your name, email address, address, company name, etc.). We use your contact information from the registration form to:

Our system uses your unique email address as your login name and to consequently send you your password if you use the "Forgot my Password" function. We do not share your password information with anyone.

The purpose of collecting your personal information is for ZonderTime’s exclusive use, unless it is categorically stated otherwise. We do not provide personal information with the exception of the following:

Apart from what has been disclosed in this paragraph, third parties will neither be granted your personal information nor will your information ever be sold. Otherwise, the only information that can be provided to third parties are aggregate statistics.

ZonderTime offers you an option in the way we use the information you provided. If you want to modify the way that information is received from ZonderTime, go to (website url unsubscribe) and enter your email address to optout

from receiving future emails. ZonderTime is an online, hosted application. On some events and occasions, ZonderTime may need to inform you of important announcements in regards to the application of our service. These announcements may be sent in either way of your optout status, and the only means to avoid these notifications is to terminate your use of the ZonderTime service.

Application Control: When an individual member's administrator enrolls a new user in ZonderTime, that administrator may need to enter certain personal details. This data is intended as application data and is not being use by ZonderTime in any way, other than when ZonderTime itself sends important system notifications to all users.

For application data (typically timesheet and expense data) that provided or entered by the members themselves, ZonderTime takes into account this data to be proprietary to each member and ZonderTime will not disclose or provide this information exclusive of the following:

Tracking Information

Marketing Control and Application Control: As part of providing personalized services and transforming your experience at ZonderTime, we use cookies to store and track information about you during the session at our website. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your computer from a web server and stored on your computer. Typically, we use five different cookies to serve you better and to save time.

The data gathered on traffic alignment and your behavior is accumulated information. We have no other distinct personal information about you other than the information you have specifically provided.

We also collect and cache IP addresses for system application and to report the accumulated information for our personal use. Your IP address is also obtained to help determine problems with our servers and to manage our website.

Our website may include links of some websites that may provide helpful information to our clients. This ZonderTime Privacy Policy Statement does not apply to those websites, and we suggest to communicate with them straight for information about their privacy policies.


Marketing Control: Your personal information is gathered securely by ZonderTime. We implement industry standard procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access; however, we are not accountable if a third party breach your information by infringing our security measures.

Application Control: Your contact information and time tracking information are only visible to the administrator(s) of your company of this account and are not accessible to any other users or non users of this website, with the exception in situations where our technical support team administers assistance to you and granted us your full permission to have access to this information. We implement industry standard procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access; however, we are not accountable if a third party breach your information by infringing our security measures.


By using the ZonderTime service, you grant ZonderTime the right to include your "company" or "entity" name among our members list, that may come out in our marketing or advertising materials. Individual names will not be included or listed, nor will we will put any particular information about your account. You may want to request for opt out from this inclusion at any given time. In addition, we may ask your permission to include your name and a statement about ZonderTime among our members testimonials. If you consent us this permission, your name and comment will be seen together with other members testimonials.


Contact (email address of ZonderTime) to change and modify any information you previously provided in the registration form or on the sign up page.


It is our goal to make our privacy policies easy to understand. If you have questions, concerns or if you would like more detailed information about this privacy policy, the procedures of this website, or your dealings with this web site, you can contact us at (email address of ZonderTime).

Enhancement and modification

Any enhancements and modifications to this policy will be posted on this website and will be immediately in effect once posted. Please regularly check this page if you have any concerns about changes made to our Privacy Policy.