Frequently Asked Questions
#1 What is ZonderTime?

→ ZonderTime is a software used for timekeeping and time tracking that is cost effective, accurate, secure and easy to use. Its features both benefit the employers and employees.

#2 Is it free when I sign up with ZonderTime?

→ Signing up with ZonderTime is absolutely free! It is also a free service for up to 20 users. Beyond the number of maximum users, there will be a monthly charge depending on the package selected.

#3 Why should I use ZonderTime?

→ Using ZonderTime will make your life as an employer a lot easier and will make your business grow fast and smoothly. It will help you easily track your employees timesheets for easy calculation of payouts. You don't need to manually keep track of their attendance at work. ZonderTime will do the work for you.

#4 How do I use ZonderTime?

→ By signing up, you will be provided with a unique domain name which will have its own database. Registered users can enjoy this free service that has a maximum of 20 users. Beyond that, there will be a monthly charge depending on the package selected.

#5 How much does it cost?

→ Registered users that have a maximum of 20 users can enjoy the service for Free! Beyond that, each additional user costs $1 per month.

#6 How secure is ZonderTime and where does my data reside?

→ Once registered, you will be provided with your own database which will be separated from other company's database for security purposes. It's definitely a lot safer than the data you keep in your own office. For more information, please read our privacy statement.

#7 How many users can be accommodated in the ZonderTime System?

→ There can be multiple users depending on the type of package you have chosen.

#8 Where can I get help or support about the system?

→ Not a problem, our support team is always ready to answer questions via chat or email.