ZonderTime Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions
#1 What is ZonderTime Affiliate Program?

→ The ZonderTime Affiliate Program gives users and non-users the chance to earn rewards by referring groups to make use of ZonderTime. Affiliates are eligible to receive a commission that amounts to 50% of the sales made whenever any one of their referrals makes a payment.

#2 Who can be an Affiliate?

→ Anyone! Both users and non-users of ZonderTime are eligible to become Affiliates.

#3 How can I be an Affilate?

→ Being an Affiliate is extremely simple and absolutely free! If you are one of our current users, you are already considered an Affiliate and are eligible to receive commissions right away. View the Affiliate Panel when you log in to check on your referrals.

If you are not yet a ZonderTime user, you may sign up for an Affiliate only account which will give you access to your own Affiliate Panel.

#4 How do I get referrals?

→ Each Affiliate is given a unique link which you can send out to people you want to invite to ZonderTime. Anyone who registers using your referral link will then be automatically credited to your account. The referral link can be found in your Affiliate Panel.

#5 How do I earn and collect commissions?

→ Commissions are earned every time one of your referrals makes a payment for our services. You will receive 50% of each sale as long as they continue to be active paying ZonderTime users.

Commissions will be deposited automatically to your account under the payment gateway of your choice. You may withdraw the funds you have earned by following your chosen payment gateway’s withdrawal procedures. Acceptable payment gateways are: Skrill, Paypal, and Payza.

#6 Where can I check the status of my referrals?

→ Each Affiliate is given access to their own Affiliate Panel. This panel contains your unique referral link, the list of your current referrals, and the amount of commissions you have earned from them so far.

For ZonderTask users, the link to the panel can be found under the Administration menu. For non-users, the panel will automatically be opened once logged in.

#7 Who has access to the Affiliate Panel?

→ Only the Main Administrators of an account have access to the Affiliate Panel. However, they may grant other users access by adding it to their permissions.